How do the Corners stick to the phone?
We worked closely with 3M to develop the perfect adhesive for Corners4. Each purchase includes a set of adhesive strips that have been designed to attach to the corners of your phone. An additional set is included in each box in the event you need to remove a Corner for any reason. Simply apply the adhesive strips to the corners of the phone (view installation instructions included in the package), and slide the Corners over the strips. To get the best adhesion, apply pressure with your fingers for 20 seconds.

Will they come off?
Under normal use, the Corners should remain adhered to your phone. Our adhesive holds the Corners firmly on your phone without damaging it or permanently bonding to it.

How do I remove them if I need to repair my phone?
Corners4 was purposely designed to be a non-permanent application. We understand that you might change phones, need a repair or want to switch to a new Corners4 color. If you would like to remove them, pulling with a firm finger will get them off. Before you reapply, you will need to remove all adhesive from the inside of the Corner piece (a pair of tweezers is ideal for this purpose) and remove any adhesive residue from the phone. When you reinstall the Corners, use a new adhesive strip and follow the installation instructions included in the original package.

Can I order additional adhesive sets?
Yes, they are available for purchase in sets of four. Please email support@corners4iphone.com