Install – Steps 5 – 8

5. Peel Backing

Carefully peel away the paper backing. The edges of the adhesive strip may not completely adhere to your phone’s face and back. If the edges pop up, simply pinch them back onto the front and back of the phone using your thumb and forefinger.

6. Apply Corner

While holding the tips of the adhesive strip in place with one hand, position one of the Corners4 pieces evenly over the adhesive strip. Wiggle the corner with a slight side-to-side motion, and gradually push the corner over the strip until it is seated firmly. Be sure to keep the corner centered over the strip.

7. Check & Adjust Positioning

Inspect your work to make sure that you have positioned your Corners4 piece properly. Check to make sure the gaps between the sides of the piece and the top and side edges of your phone are consistent. You can gently nudge the piece to adjust its position. Next, apply consistent, firm pressure to the piece for about 20 seconds.

8. Repeat Steps

Repeat steps 1 through 7 for each corner of your phone. Be sure that you have installed the “Camera Cut” corner properly. Now, Sit back and enjoy the results knowing that you have successfully restored the beauty of your smart phone by freeing it from the confines of a cumbersome case!